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New Year, New Plan…

Everyone sets all these lofty goals for the new year, and I used to be among the throng of “I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to eat better, I’m going to be more…” No more.  Not me.  While I have been working out and trying to better myself, that’s more for my sanity rather… Continue reading New Year, New Plan…

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Dear Grandma

My grandmother died somewhere around 14 years ago.  I realized that this evening while I was reading something regarding the Lilo and Stitch movie.  Why do these two things connect for me?  When I was 8, I think, my grandparents moved to Honolulu.  And I was blessed with being able to visit them a number… Continue reading Dear Grandma

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Reasons I love my husband

He can quote any movie in the most perfect way for any given circumstance. He smells incredible, and it’s not cologne, it’s just him.  So when he sweats, it’s just more of him, so it’s just more incredible. His smile makes his blue eyes look darker and they actually, honestly, twinkle.  That same twinkle that… Continue reading Reasons I love my husband

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What Remission Looks Like

What if someone you loved had cancer?  Would you think the word “remission” would be the end of the terror?  That your fears would be gone, right?  That it’s okay now, and that your baby or your husband or wife or mom or dad or sibling is going to be fine now, and that you… Continue reading What Remission Looks Like