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Reasons I love my husband

  1. He can quote any movie in the most perfect way for any given circumstance.
  2. He smells incredible, and it’s not cologne, it’s just him.  So when he sweats, it’s just more of him, so it’s just more incredible.
  3. His smile makes his blue eyes look darker and they actually, honestly, twinkle.  That same twinkle that you read about in books.  Before him, I thought that was just some stupid thing in story books.
  4. He can make me laugh no matter what.
  5. He’s followed me through three moves for jobs, and never said he regretted it.
  6. If I question my ability to do something, his response has always been “You can do anything.”
  7. He’s so smart, he baffles me sometimes and I have to sit and figure my way through what he’s said cause I couldn’t keep up.  And I’m damn smart… sometimes.
  8. He broke my type.  Before him, I wanted tall, dark and roguish.  The first time we dated, I thought “I could think he’s hot maybe” as I stared at that blonde hair and blue eyes at the beginning of our date.  At the end of our second date, I wanted him to kiss me with his perfect lips so bad that I could barely stand it.  Since he showed up, I see curly hair, fair features, and blue eyes and think “Mmmm…. HOTTTT.”    He broke my type.  Can’t go back.  There is nothing out there that is cute like he is cute.
  9. He has tolerated my special brand of crazy for 14 years now, and never once called the cops on me.
  10. He’s the world’s best father.  He is my 38 year old son, playing with the toddler and infant and 8 year old like he’s one of them.
  11. He will make random growling and roaring noises with plastic dragon toys and my little ponies because it amuses him.
  12. He has large, warm hands.  Sometimes he doesn’t know how strong he is, but when he’s touching me or the kids, he’s gentle and kind with those large, warm hands.
  13. He’s given up two careers to improve the lives of his children.  He would cut his heart out for us if we asked.
  14. He’s the most selfless, open person I’ve ever known.
  15. His laugh is contagious.
  16. He has a horrible British accent.
  17. He knows every Monty Python line in history.
  18. He.Is.My.Sexy.Husband. (Hands off, ladies.  I will go Bon Qui Qui on yo @$$.)
  19. He’s a furnace at night, which is lovely on cold nights.
  20. He hasn’t eaten the children, and that’s after having about 4 hours of sleep each night for the last 8 years.
  21. He’s a morning troll, but in a gruff, masculine, grouchy, growly way that makes me want to ruffle his hair, but for the fact that I would likely lose a hand.
  22. He cleans up the hair around the sink when he shaves.
  23. He’s the kindest, most brave person I know and I don’t deserve him.
  24. He’ll probably not read this, but that’s okay, because I know that he likes that I write my blog posts since it makes me more sane… sorta.

I’m so lucky.

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