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Happy *Warrior* Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  I would like to wish ALL The moms out there a wonderful HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!   Being a mom is not easy and seems to only get harder as time goes on, so keep up the good fight.

I just wanted to remind everyone of a group of moms you might not be aware of.  There are a large number of moms out there with children that have chronic illnesses, organ failure, cancer, or some other impairment, educational, emotional, or mental challenge, and this is just another day for them.

According to a study conducted in 2010, 26.6% of American children suffer from some form of chronic illness, including asthma, learning disabilities, and ongoing health conditions (according to a study released in the  Journal of the American Medical Association on February 17, 2010).  A chronic illness is defined as an illness that lasts more than three months in duration.   That’s a LOT of mothers and fathers.  Think about that.  And these moms don’t get breakfast in bed or get to sleep in on Mother’s Day.


They are sleeping on fold-out chairs in hospitals, waiting for the chemo to start on their little one today at 10 am.  

They are hoping that today is the day their non-verbal little boy finally says “Momma” or recognizes a touch as something more than a brush of air against their skin. 

They are homeschooling their child because he has so many severe allergies, he can’t safely go to school. 

They are preparing the food for their child’s NG tube at home with the Home Nurse that comes once a day to help them care for their terribly sick little girl. 

They got up at 2 a.m and pulled out one of the two LARGE pill boxes they have their baby’s medication in just so they don’t miss their 2 a.m. dosage of anti-rejection medication. 

They are cleaning and dressing wounds caused by the fact that their child cannot stand or walk or their skin is so fragile the changing of clothes will tear it.

They are helping their little boy into their wheelchairs and taking them outside for some fresh air, knowing their little boy might never look them in the eye or make any kind of voluntary move. 


I know I didn’t catch all the fights these moms are fighting today, and to be honest there are so many I could write for years and not catch everyone.  But all moms of children with chronic illnesses are fighting their battle today, just like they do every day.

These moms are warriors, and they don’t get the day off because we call it Mother’s Day.  They don’t get a nice dinner or enough sleep or any kind of peace and quiet.  They fight, non-stop, for their babies.  Because they are moms.  (This goes the same for the Dads, by the way.  But this is Mother’s Day so I’m talking about mom today…  you Dads are right there with us, I know and recognize that!)

So, for those Warrior Moms out there, I see you.  I recognize what you guys are doing and I am cheering you on (though I’m not the cheerleader type..  I was the goth in the stands throwing popcorn at those girls… sorry.  But I will pump my fist and raise my metal horns in honor of your bad@$$ery    \m/  ).

I hope you guys have some measure of calm and peace today.  And I admire you for your bad@$$ fight.  Don’t give up hope.  Don’t give in.  And keep going.  Happy Warrior Mother’s Day to you, amazing women.  You guys are incredible.

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