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A Few Points about The Pulse Shooting

Sorry…  I started this as a FB post, but I am wordy…

I have a few points to make about this shooting that have just been bouncing around in my skull for the last 24 hours.  They are not all related.  And no, not one point takes precedence over the others.  The fact that it’s a terrorist attack doesn’t outweigh that it was a Hate Crime.  The fact that it was a Hate crime doesn’t negate the need to do something about easy access to weapons by people who are mentally unstable.

1) Omar Mateem walked into a gay nightclub because he was full of hate for people not like him, and shot 103 people. He killed half of them, and of the 53 injured, many are severely, critically injured and might not survive their wounds. This is intolerable and unforgivable and there is no place in any Heaven under ANY religion for a man that does that. I hope he gets an especially hot place in hell for doing this.  And if there is any justice, he will relive the wounds he delivered and the sorrow he caused for eternity.

2) This point is for those people who have something negative to say about the victims. First…. They are victims. This was a HATE crime.  A crime committed by a man because he hated the  victims for who they were.   A hate crime is a crime perpetrated out of hatred for the victims for being a member of a category, such as a race or gender, or in this case, sexual orientation.   It’s not a personal attack, but the results are personal. This man didn’t know any of his victims, but their families are going to learn everything about him over the next few weeks.  It’s a blind hatred that is preached against in every single religious text on the plant.  So this is not about religion.  This is about Hatred.  And if you even SLIGHTLY agree with his motives, that means that you blindly hate and approve of hate crimes.  What the hell is wrong with you?  If you want to kick someone while they are LITERALLY down, you are an @$$hat and can feel free to remove yourself from my life, and if you’re feeling frisky, from my country. We don’t need you.  That kind of rhetoric and hatred and prejudice is exactly the opposite of what it means to be an American.  So get on a boat and go be an immigrant somewhere.  We don’t want you.

3)  And the victims? They are people. And they matter. They are someone’s sons or daughters or mothers or father or cousins or friends, and they matter because they are humans and they exist. Someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t matter when counting their worth to humanity. I’m done with hearing about how certain states want to protect me from them. How about someone step up and protect the LGBT community from these the rest of us?

4) Some families found out yesterday or are finding out today that the people that they love are members of the LGBT community because of this tragedy. Hopefully, some of those people are finding out while their loved ones are still alive and they can go to hold the people they love and tell them that they love them. But think about it… they are discovering that their loved ones were scared to tell them about who they really were because they were afraid of hatred or fear or anger coming from people that are supposed to love them unconditionally. It is unacceptable that we live in a country that espouses freedom for nearly everything (excluding inciting a riot and hurting other people), but these people don’t feel free to tell their own families who they are because of prejudice. They are scared to be themselves in public for fear of being attacked.  Slurs hurled at them.  Things stolen from them.  General abuse from people they don’t know and some can’t even go home to their loved ones for peace.  Unacceptable.
Is someone that you know in the LGBT community? Are the people that you love hiding who they are from you because of your prejudices? Are you sure? Would you swear it? Now ask yourself, does their sexual orientation really matter when it comes to whether you love them? If you answered “yes” to that, I want you to put yourself in that mother’s shoes… the mother that woke up this morning knowing she would never see her son again after he texted her at 2 am from the club bathroom that he loved her. Ask yourself if it really matters if your child or brother or cousin was gay when you know you’ll never have the chance to hold them again.  If you faced tomorrow without the ones you loved, would you really give two hoots as to whether they were gay ?
5) Mateen LEGALLY purchased an assault rifle and a hand gun, after being investigated multiple times for possible ties to ISIS, to use in the attack. Legally. From a gun dealer. Registered them as he purchased them because he was following the law. And that’s not abnormal for mass shootings. According to the New York Times, the majority of the guns used in the last 16 (!!!!) mass shootings WERE PURCHASED LEGALLY FROM GUN DEALERS! WTF? Please read this about Australia.  It’s eye opening.
6)  Mateem apparently called 911 before he was killed and claimed he was doing this for ISIS.  I don’t give a crap if he was doing it because the hippos in pink tutus told him to do it…  This is a HATE crime and a terrorist attack,  just like every other mass shooting recently appears to be a hate crime and terror attack. Please read above about hate crimes.   A terror attack, by definition, is an attack done to cause terror to the general population.  Since 2008, there have been 18 mass shootings.   18!!!!!!!!!!!  Of those, ONLY TWO were perpetrated by Muslim people.  So no, terror attacks aren’t done by Muslims.  They are done for a purpose… to cause fear.   And they have.  My eight year old daughter caught the news yesterday and was all torn up about it.  She’s scared.  It worked.  This @$$hole has caused my child terror.  And she’s not scared because he was Muslim.  No… she’s just scared that it’s going to happen again.  And I can’t lie to her and say it won’t, because it will.  So yes… this was a terror attack.  As are all mass shootings because that’s what’s causing us fear.  That there will be another mass shooting.  And you know what?  Until we stand up and stop making it so easy to buy the guns these crazy people use to cause terror, IT WILL KEEP HAPPENING.  So don’t blame the Muslim community.  Don’t point your finger at the Middle East on this one.  This guy was American Born.  If you want to stop terror attack mass shootings, do something about how they get the guns!  It’s simple.  When a field of corn is being flooded, you don’t shake your hand at the clouds in the sky because they may have dropped some rain in the previous few days, you CUT OFF THE WATER SUPPLY.  BLOCK THE FLOOD WATERS FROM THE RIVER.   Don’t be a dumbass.  Don’t shake your fist at the Middle East. Cut off the flood waters.
I will pray for Orlando and the LGBT community to heal from such pain. I’m going to pray for our country as well.  But prayer isn’t going to cut it, people.  SOMETHING has to Actually be done.  Like, an actual step taken.  Movement.  Change.  Acceptance and open discussion about the blatant homophobia in this country.  The radical extremism in our own country from some people who wear the same crucifix around their necks that I do.  And don’t think that, just because you haven’t killed anyone yet, that I’m not talking about you.  If you believe that being LGBT is a sin, that they are someone to fear, someone to jail, someone to forbid use of public restrooms or access to locker rooms or basic rights, then YOU ARE The PROBLEM.  If you use derogatory terms or exclude them from anything at all for being who they are, then you need to be fixed.  They don’t.
And, someone needs to change how easy it is for these crazies to buy ASSAULT rifles.  I stand with the LGBT community. I love you guys. I’m sorry you were targeted and have been targeted and continue to be targeted.  If I can help, please tell me how.  If you want to talk, just shoot me a message.  Much ❤ and solidarity.

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