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Put the Panic Button Down! Back Away from the Panic Button!

When you have a child you think “I’m going to be cool about this.”  “I’m going to not panic over a hangnail.”  “I’m going to understand how to treat a simple cold and get over it and move on.” Total joke. That whole adage about now you freak out over everything for the first child… Continue reading Put the Panic Button Down! Back Away from the Panic Button!

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Reasons I love my husband

He can quote any movie in the most perfect way for any given circumstance. He smells incredible, and it’s not cologne, it’s just him.  So when he sweats, it’s just more of him, so it’s just more incredible. His smile makes his blue eyes look darker and they actually, honestly, twinkle.  That same twinkle that… Continue reading Reasons I love my husband

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That Third Child

When thinking about having a third child, we tried to figure out what it would mean to our family and what it would take to have one.  Ultimately we decided not to have that third child, for reasons explained below.   But thankfully, God and Vivianne totally negated that one reason we decided to not… Continue reading That Third Child

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Monday Sophie-isms early afternoon.

Being sick at home sucks.  Just sayin’.  I get bored easy and I don’t want to watch TV cause daytime TV is horrible and Netflix doesn’t have anything I’m interested in watching, and while I do LOVE sleeping, when you’re sick and you feel all gross, sleeping is kinda gross cause you wake up all… Continue reading Monday Sophie-isms early afternoon.

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Monday Tradition VERY Late… cause apparently I suck.

I’m gonna go ahead and copyright some of this stuff… some of it’s going in the book. Yeah… Monday came and went with a spectacular whooshing sound, and no fun filled Sophie-isms were supplied.  I am a negligent and bad blogger.  Don’t pout.  There are worse things.  Like dried up dry-erase markers.  That is worse. … Continue reading Monday Tradition VERY Late… cause apparently I suck.

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I talk pretty (and other musings from someone with an accent).

I’m Southern (with a capital “S”).  I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and grew up in Greensboro, NC.  My Momma’s family has been in Mississippi since the 1830s, from what I’ve been able to trace, and my Daddy’s family was in the North Georgia Appalachian mountains since the 1740s, so far as I’ve been… Continue reading I talk pretty (and other musings from someone with an accent).

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New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)

So Mondays suck.  As a rule.  So I have decided to institute a new Monday tradition.  On my FB, I often post little “Sophieisms” or “Archerisms” or “Viviisms,” and even some interactions between Dan and myself.  Some of these things are just going to be reminders for me of what is in our past.  I… Continue reading New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)