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Homage to Chemo Dads

My husband is a man of many colors, a renaissance man with many cloaks and many talents.  He is humble and kind and doesn’t think much of himself, which is ridiculous, but I can hardly change him or how he sees himself after 14 years.  Much like myself, his soul was marred by our daughter’s… Continue reading Homage to Chemo Dads

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Listen to Your Gut

We got a bill in the mail today… which really isn’t that weird, except this one comes in periodically from a physician who will NOT be getting paid for the supposed service for which he is charging us. The bill is for a physician’s visit over 7 years ago.  You read that right.   SEVEN years.  … Continue reading Listen to Your Gut

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Dear Grandma

My grandmother died somewhere around 14 years ago.  I realized that this evening while I was reading something regarding the Lilo and Stitch movie.  Why do these two things connect for me?  When I was 8, I think, my grandparents moved to Honolulu.  And I was blessed with being able to visit them a number… Continue reading Dear Grandma

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Reasons I love my husband

He can quote any movie in the most perfect way for any given circumstance. He smells incredible, and it’s not cologne, it’s just him.  So when he sweats, it’s just more of him, so it’s just more incredible. His smile makes his blue eyes look darker and they actually, honestly, twinkle.  That same twinkle that… Continue reading Reasons I love my husband

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The Teacher’s Email, aka: My !*#%&ing Language Problem.

Every parent with a kid in school has this moment.  When you open the kid’s homework folder or your email and you see a note/message from your child’s teacher titled “Language.”  It happened this last week… when I opened my email and there it was, a letter from Sophia Tempee’s teacher titled “Language.”  My first… Continue reading The Teacher’s Email, aka: My !*#%&ing Language Problem.

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That Third Child

When thinking about having a third child, we tried to figure out what it would mean to our family and what it would take to have one.  Ultimately we decided not to have that third child, for reasons explained below.   But thankfully, God and Vivianne totally negated that one reason we decided to not… Continue reading That Third Child