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What Every Person Who Wants a Kid Should Be Told.

I have three kids.  I love the hell out of each and every one of them and wouldn’t trade a minute with them.  But I had NO idea what I was getting into.  When you are young and in love you think “I want a child that looks like him.” or “Maybe our children will… Continue reading What Every Person Who Wants a Kid Should Be Told.

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That Third Child

When thinking about having a third child, we tried to figure out what it would mean to our family and what it would take to have one.  Ultimately we decided not to have that third child, for reasons explained below.   But thankfully, God and Vivianne totally negated that one reason we decided to not… Continue reading That Third Child

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New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)

So Mondays suck.  As a rule.  So I have decided to institute a new Monday tradition.  On my FB, I often post little “Sophieisms” or “Archerisms” or “Viviisms,” and even some interactions between Dan and myself.  Some of these things are just going to be reminders for me of what is in our past.  I… Continue reading New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)