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Monday Sophie-isms early afternoon.

Being sick at home sucks.  Just sayin’.  I get bored easy and I don’t want to watch TV cause daytime TV is horrible and Netflix doesn’t have anything I’m interested in watching, and while I do LOVE sleeping, when you’re sick and you feel all gross, sleeping is kinda gross cause you wake up all… Continue reading Monday Sophie-isms early afternoon.

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New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)

So Mondays suck.  As a rule.  So I have decided to institute a new Monday tradition.  On my FB, I often post little “Sophieisms” or “Archerisms” or “Viviisms,” and even some interactions between Dan and myself.  Some of these things are just going to be reminders for me of what is in our past.  I… Continue reading New Monday Tradition (Sorry not sorry)