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The Moment You Face Your Child’s Mortality

You just read that title and thought “I know my kid is mortal.  I’ve faced this.”  And I would agree with you before my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.   But I didn’t realize what my child’s mortality really was until it slapped me in the face. I knew, when I got pregnant, that I had… Continue reading The Moment You Face Your Child’s Mortality

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My daughter cried today.

My daughter cried today.  So hard I almost couldn’t understand what she was saying when I asked her to talk about it.  But I had to restart my own sentence because my own voice croaked.  I was crying too.  See, I listen to NPR on the way home with Sophie so that we can talk… Continue reading My daughter cried today.

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A Few Points about The Pulse Shooting

Sorry…  I started this as a FB post, but I am wordy… I have a few points to make about this shooting that have just been bouncing around in my skull for the last 24 hours.  They are not all related.  And no, not one point takes precedence over the others.  The fact that it’s… Continue reading A Few Points about The Pulse Shooting

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Feeling Squishy

3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. I have Sophie tucked into her booster seat behind me.  Butterfly pillow between her head and her brother’s car seat as she leans into it.   Sugar-skull covered fluffy blanket over her.  She’s still in her Lego movie pajamas and falls right back to sleep once I get the truck moving. I… Continue reading Feeling Squishy

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What Every Person Who Wants a Kid Should Be Told.

I have three kids.  I love the hell out of each and every one of them and wouldn’t trade a minute with them.  But I had NO idea what I was getting into.  When you are young and in love you think “I want a child that looks like him.” or “Maybe our children will… Continue reading What Every Person Who Wants a Kid Should Be Told.