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The Teacher’s Email, aka: My !*#%&ing Language Problem.

Every parent with a kid in school has this moment.  When you open the kid’s homework folder or your email and you see a note/message from your child’s teacher titled “Language.”  It happened this last week… when I opened my email and there it was, a letter from Sophia Tempee’s teacher titled “Language.”  My first… Continue reading The Teacher’s Email, aka: My !*#%&ing Language Problem.

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That Third Child

When thinking about having a third child, we tried to figure out what it would mean to our family and what it would take to have one.  Ultimately we decided not to have that third child, for reasons explained below.   But thankfully, God and Vivianne totally negated that one reason we decided to not… Continue reading That Third Child


Fighting Infertility and then Fearing Fertility.

I woke up last Saturday night, cold sweat in the middle of the night, from a nightmare.  This time it didn’t have anything to do with Sophie’s health.  The nightmare was me finding out I was pregnant again… for a fourth time.  Terrifying.  Utterly. I laid there with Vivi snuggled against my right side.  (Yes,… Continue reading Fighting Infertility and then Fearing Fertility.

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The Silent Echo of Cancer

When cancer lands in your life, it hits like an nuclear explosion.  It incinerates what used to be there.  It shatters the atmosphere.  It sucks the air to it first, so fast that the trees bend towards the explosion.  Then it shatters the world with the force of the shock wave blasting outwards, mowing down… Continue reading The Silent Echo of Cancer